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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 09:43:25 -0800

> But do my suggestions for turning sacrifices into
> augments help with any more sensible ideas?

Did my post help?

> > I think a series of Thunderclaps ..
> > that act like strobe lights on the Bat's Sonar
> > would probably do as well or better. And accompanied
> > with Lightning to act
> > as *real* strobing lights, you can kill off it's
> > eyesight as well.
> How do our human heroes manage to operate in this?

If they are Orlanthi, surprisingly well. I do not think that the Orlanthi are hindered by the storm and its effect - quite the opposite. I think that the storm augments them all like a Guardian entity (which in a way it is). I imagine that they sing songs of praise and joy, knowing that they are the presence of the Thunderer.  

The opposite happens to the Dara Happans.

> > In the midst of the howling,
> > lightning-rent, hail-pelting storm come Our Orlanthi
> > Heroes (suitably
> > augmented and empowered in all their Hero-Light)
> > riding the winds. A massive
> > fight develops on the back of the bat. Which,
> > incidently, goes into a
> > series of death-rolls, dives, spins, etc
> Sounds/looks wonderful! We've got to get the mechanics
> for this sorted, it's far too good to lose.

Yep. This is a keeper.  


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