RE: Winds, winds and more Winds

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 10:13:28 -0800

> This is all shapping up to be very cool. High drama at its best. I
> have some suggestions.

Isn't this cool?  

> John mentions gathering six winds. Apparently there are 7 winds in
> Dragon Pass so they should all be involved. I have a suggestion
> which may help the MGF.

I agree with the suggestion. Maybe there should be 7 heroes to represent the 7 winds (Broyan, Leika, Kallyr, ?, ?, ?, ?)?  

> This all ends up in one hell of a storm to unleash against the Bat
> and that helps the Lunars to decide that Orlanth himself must be at
> Whitewall so it changes the nature of the seige. (Plus the winds are
> somewhat tied to the WW area for a while making them more vulnerable
> to future Lunar attempts to bind them).

I think it is unavoidable to everyone present that Orlanth is at Whitewall - he's there and manifest. The defenders summon the Thunderer.  

> So basically the defenders end up with a Storm that's the equal to
> the Bat's destructive power (in fact way bigger than they expected or

> needed). In no way of course do I want to suggest that the storm
> offs the Bat but it helps to drive off the Lunar army. The heroes
> still need to get up on that Bat and get physical.

The storm is more powerful than the Bat - but the heroes still need to get up on the Bat and get physical. I think these things work in tandem.  

> The aftermath of such a storm and the Bat itself must have devasted
> the area. Probably a contributing effect to the troubles the
> defenders have afterwards.

Oh yes. Definitely. Although I imagine that it also has a contributing effect to the troubles the Lunars had in the next year (1620) and explains in part why Tatius had such a slow buildup.  


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