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Ian is absolutely right here. This is not a feat - but involves, rituals, community support, heroquests, etc. It involves the prayers of all the Colymar, Lismelder and Malani women who seek vengeance for the Bat's annihilation of their kin. It involves the prayers of Orlanthi throughout Sartar and Heortland. It involves the presence of heroes and disciples - all who are supporting the ritual arming of Orlanth's son to lead them into battle with his father's aid. Etc.
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> BTW, those OiD stats again. We keep hearing
> descriptions of Kallyr with massive Storm powers. I
> don't see any related numbers.
Hmmm, I suspect that anyone creating macro-scale weather effects does so with ritual magic not a simpl feat. The feat can create localized weather effects, but I think for terrible storm season blizzards you are talking rituals, community support etc. So Kallyr is not acting alone here. My assumption is that the old picture that macro, battlefield scale magics, are not the work of individuals even heroes acting alone, but of communities. Morden after all gains much of his power by acting as the focus for community magic. 'Weni, Widi, Wiki.' I came, I saw, I added to the story. The WhiteWallWiki can be found at:                                    

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