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The SHC has the following seven winds:  

North Wind (Humakt)
Mountain Wind (Adventurous)

Beast Wind (Urox)
Earth Wind (Ernalda)
Fifth Wind (Kolat)
Storm Wind (Thunderer)

Although SHC assigned Kallyr to Storm WInd, I don't think that she's that here (assuming this format is even followed). She'd be Adventurer I think.  

In an unpublished and likely out of date write-up of Kolat, Greg identified the seven winds as:  

Before Me (air)
On My Right (cold)
Behind Me (weather)

On My Left (water)
Above Wind (magical defense)
Below Wind (fights against undead, possession, dead spirits, death
powers, diseases and women's curses)
The Secret Wind (the leader)  

My take is that the Seven Winds are pretty darn flexible. Each major defending hero should be a wind. We've got Broyan, Kallyr, and Leika as winds. Maybe Benava Chan and Minaryth Purple (and one other of Kallyr's heroes). We should have an Uroxi. That makes seven.

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> Maybe there should be
> 7 heroes to
> represent the 7 winds (Broyan, Leika, Kallyr, ?, ?,
> ?, ?)?
Didn't the Sartar High Council write-up assign people to each wind? I doubt if many of them are present of appropriate, but it could be worth a look. Which directions have "owners"? Gargath is South, isn't he? Humakt is North. Urox is East? drat, I should know this stuff! West, Upper, Lower, and the still one in the middle. ===== Jane Williams

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