Bat-Blat and Broyan

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 11:13:34 -0800 (PST)

Looking at the OiD description, I note that Broyan has zero storm, wind, lightning or thunder magic. By the time of OiD he is worshipping Vingkot directly, without the stormy affinities added by worshipping him as an aspect of Orlanth. I personally believe this was true at the time of Whitewall as well, since a Volsaki king needs all three of the affinities provided by Vingkot Orlanthson: Fight Dara Happans
(aka Sun Domers), Fight Trolls (aka Kitori), and Rule
Kingdom. I don't think this is simply an "author's error" in OiD. So, I doubt he identifies himself with the Thunderer.

However, he could still be at the center of a ritual bringing the storms together, especially if he identifies himself with Vingot and uses his Rule Kingdom affinity and Storm Voice feat (by way of example, not limitation) to help call all the winds from the lands of the Vingkotlings -- that's a lot of wind. I think this is consistent with Jeff's approach. And Broyan could still have the idea of summoning the big storm to deafen and blind the Bat from having fought trolls.

I like the idea of the PC's going out to find or free certain winds (maybe the messenger winds?).

Since he can't fly, maybe he leads the ritual on the ground? OTOH, he has a gale force Umbroli as a follwer, so perhaps it carries him.

I also now have visions of Kallyr and Broyan arguing with each other afterwards: "We should go back to Whitewall now." "What did you say?" "Huh? I can't hear you." "What? Quit whispering!"

Presumably, though, the victorious defenders sally forth afterwards to attack the disrupted and demoralized Lunar Army. Gettig to sack their camp would be cool. What happens if you capture a lunar vexilla (i.e., the standard, not the people)? Do they get decimated? I'm thinking of how single minded the Romans were to re-capture their standards from the Parthians.

Also, one interesting item is that Vingkot Victorious
(the Orlanth Thunderous aspect of Vingkot) has
"Reaching Storm" as a feat (as in "Temple of the Reaching Storm"). However, Broyan does not have the Storm affinity in which that feat is found -- disappointingly, since I was hoping that this is where Argrath found out about it. Maybe he knows it anyway?

Chris Lemens

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