RE: Re: Winds, winds and more (7) Winds

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 14:22:48 -0800


> We have yet to invent a Helemakti hero, I think. And
> we need one. Surely such a holy spot has a resident?
> Who probably resents all these newcomers? He came here
> to be a hermit...?

Kind of hard to be a hermit at the Volsaxi tribal capital....    

> > You could say that the Bat is undead
> > and tap Humakt for the job.
> If you're going for the seven directions, Humakt *is*
> the North Wind. (And the few Herewardi still present
> actually have "Truewind" as their subcult affinity!
> nice coincidence!). Also, the Bat stops souls going to
> the Right Place, so any Humakti will be pretty annoyed
> with it. Not exactly Undead, not exactly creating
> Undead, but a Very Bad Thing.

Yeah, I was imagining that the Humakti present form Broyan's "sword" - "in his sword howled a hundred men."  

> Broyan
> Kallyr
> Leika
> North Wind: some Humakti
> some Uroxi
> some Helemakti
> One space. Of the OiD NPCs, Elmalandti Bluespruce is
> an obvious choice, and Orngerin Thundercape might well
> be another.

Or there is always the Earth Wind. Or we can got with the "Kolating" model. Or we can just make sure there are seven heroes and call them the 7 winds.  


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