RE: Kallyr and Storms

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 14:46:19 -0800

> > > BTW, those OiD stats again. We keep hearing
> > > descriptions of Kallyr with massive Storm powers.
> > I don't see any related numbers.

> It's not an association - Kallyr with storms - that I've ever made.
I'm not
> too sure where it comes from.

Yeah, let's not make too much of a Kallyr storm association. As John has observed, she's Rigsdal and Vinga. The storm is the collective power of the Heortling defenders. Besides, I am sure that there are many Thunderer devotees amongst the 50 or 60 folk of the Orlanth Temple.  

> I suggested a Vingan Defender Storm to delay the Bat because it
> suitably desperate, lateral, and half-baked and because, the Defender
> 'holds back [the enemy] so the people can better prepare for its
coming' (ST
> 175). Very importantly, it leads from to gesture to a hope to a plan
> typical vingan fashion. It's early Storm Season, so its the wrong
season for
> a Defender Storm (normally summoned against Valind), and very few
> have this Storm affinity its a very minor subcult. The idea might
have come
> from Kallyr or one of her vingan followers, or it might equally have
> from the Colymar War Women or some other vingan group. But once the
idea is
> out there, the real possibilities begin to crystalise.

John - I'd like to suggest that the Defender Storm occurs before the Bat comes. In fact, I'd like to suggest that it is before the defenders prepare for their Summons of Evil. Kallyr and the vingans delay the Lunars enough for the rest of the Ring of Broyan to assemble - this could even occur in early Darkness Season. The defenders later perform the Summons of Evil and prepare for the coming attack.

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