Roganvarth Penterestsson

From: Oliver Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 18:12:00 -0600

Hi there,

Here's a stab at a Heler following hero.

Roganvarth Penterestsson is the thrice-born, thrice-sworn. He started off life as a boy and joined the cult of Voriof where he swore a mighty oath to let no harm come to any of his flock. He kept this oath. Then she became a follower of Yuhurol the Golden Ram where she swore a mighty oath to do no harm and heal all. She kept this oath. Finally in this time of trouble he has joined Ereltharol the Black Ram. He has sworn a mighty oath to bring harm to all enemies of Heler. Can he keep this oath?

(The gender changes in the pronouns are intentional BTW).


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