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I think you are on the right track.

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> I agree with your take on this with one change: Orlanth is the seventh
wind and it is Orlanth who shows up to defeat the Bat. As a result it is Orlanth who is trapped at WW.


Now that I think about it, Urox should not be one of the defeated 6 storms in John's otherwis excellent description. Urox is the autonomous storm, not part of Orlanth's world wind.

This seems to be coming down to identifying the Seven Storms, and working out what the mysterious 'Seven Winds' are that TR 241 promises are Orlanth's secret weapon:

"The Primal Air moves inside and
outside the world, beyond the perceptions of normal men. Everyone knows the Seven Storms, but when they fail then the Seven Winds will come to fill the void at last."

Cause if they don't manifest at Whitewall, which according to this is about defeating the Seventh Storm, I'm not sure when they do, though it will almost certainly be post-Iceland.

Both Jeff and Chris could well be right here: the last Storm might be Ohorlanth/Orlanth Himself. Helemakt is one of the Four Fighting Storms, for all his importance at Whitewall and generally. Is he one of the Seven Storms as well? It would be convenient for our purposes, but possibly not kosher. The lists seem to change, well, with the winds. And what about Urox?

The challenge is to find and agree on a definitive list of the Seven Storms. The only other mention of them in TR is on 27 (not 227 as the index states). Its about Orlanth's camp, and names his six guardians set about the law Rock of Kero Finn.

NW: Ohorlanth
NE: Valind
SE: Urox - so he's in this listing at least.
SW: Heler.

Above: Odayla Starbear
Below: Humakt.

Are there other, alternate listing of the Seven Storms?



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