Re: The Seven Winds & Orlanth in Whitewall

From: jeffrichard68 <richj_at_...>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 00:55:16 -0000

> Reading TR27, I notice the great similarities between
> Orlanth's Camp and that of Umath KoS p61 (not
> surprising, really!)

Good observation. Presumably this ritual is performed at the beginning of the serious defense of Whitewall (i.e. before the Summons of Evil), sanctifying the fortress as the divine camp of Orlanth/Umath. Presumably the defenders intend to end the ceremony following the BatBlat (because of course the Lunars will leave after the Bat is killed).

Except the Lunars don't leave. Does this mean that the lead defenders remain in their ceremonial roles for the next two years? Just a thought...

> But... is it actually *Kallyr's* companions? Could it
> be that for once in KoS, she's getting credited with
> someone else's deeds instead of vice versa? (This is
> Jalk's Book, not CHDP). The "leader" position at
> Whitewall, the Orlanth/Umath equivalent, is Broyan,
> not Kallyr. I'd suggest a slight edit to the first two
> positions listed.

<brilliant edit snipped>

This is a brilliant idea Jane. I think we should roll with this.


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