Re: storms and winds

From: Douglas Seay <douglas-seay_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 01:09:39 -0000

> My thought here -- not completely formed by any means -- is that
> Orlanth is not really dead, just missing in action. The benefit is
> that it seems to fit Broyan's strategy of everyone escaping from
> Whitewall. If Orlanth had been killed, I'd expect lots of bodies.
> He's on a walkabout. Broyan makes a sacrifice to get Orlanth
> (possibly represented by Kallyr) to return. Orlanth returns at the
> Battle of Iceland. Kallyr was there. Now, we just have to make some
> sense of it. Any closer?

Sorry, but I have to disagree.

He's dead. Pushing up the daisies. For the Kingdom of Sartar the time before 1602 was the Storm Age and from 1602 to the fall of WhiteWall was the Lesser Darkness. Orlanth must die. Then when he returns from Hell there will be a new Dawn and Chaos will be driven away again. Another round of IFWW and the Unity Battle with Argrath(Heort) coming up with a new set of rules.

The cool thing is since Orlanth is just doing what he has already done before, it doesn't break the Cosmic Compromise. Everybody wins. Well, maybe not everyone: Moonson (Wakboth) gets it in the shorts, but that's his problem, now isn't it?

I'm not saying that Broyan, Kallyr, or anyone else realizes this, but since when do the players have to understand the play?

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