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Quite a few. After IFWW and the Unity Battle, Harmast sacrificed to dead Orlanth and he came back from the Underworld. Vingkot sacrifices to the exiled Orlanth and he comes back. And so on.  

This myths may be linked to the LBQ, but they don't have to be.

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> I was not suggesting that we use this myth as a
> precursor to an LBQ-analog. I was looking for an
> alternative to the LBQ (because I'm kinda tired of
> the
> answer to everything being an LBQ -- my problem, not
> the group's).
But it does look as if what Kallyr was doing during Iceland was something very much like an LBQ. Orlanth comes alive again (sort of), and Voria turns up in person (erm, Compromise, anybody??) That's either an LBQ, or "How Chalana Arroy Brought Voria Back", and I'm sorry, but I just don't see Kallyr as C.A. Do we have any other winter-ending or god-reviving myths going spare? ===== Jane Williams

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