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Hey gang -  

Here are some thoughts about the Larnsti Brotherhood heroband:  

The Larnsti Brotherhood are a magical band founded by Hendreik the Free, the unconquered rebel who resisted the Gbaji Empire, helped Harmast, supported Arkat and made Owenreth High King of the Heortlings. Hendreik Freeman gathered together residents of the many holy places in the region (such as Seriasdova and Stormwalk) and others who were willing to renounce stead and village, old ties and bonds. Their way was hard - constantly on the move, with no past and no future, and filled with constant danger and violence. However, in the Heortland Wilds (the forest which once covered most of the Heortland Plateau), Hendreik and his people kept their freedom and gave their fellow Heortlings the hope of liberty.  

Hendreik's secret lay in that he was a worshipper of Larnste, the god of Change. Hendreik taught his chosen followers the secrets of Larnste - that by remaining unfettered in thought and soul, no one could ever subdue them. They became known as the Larnsti Brotherhood and swore to ensure the freedom of the Hendreiki so that they would never be conquered.  

The Hendreiki were granted the old Garanvuli lands and the Heortland Wilds by the Only Old One. The High King of the Hendreiki was chosen from amongst the Larnsti and would leave the brotherhood to become their leader. The first Hendreiki kings lived at Whitewall, but soon moved away because of its inaccessibility. The Larnsti protected the Hendreiki from invasion by the Malkioni by clinging to their ancient freedoms and remaining true to them. Centuries later, the Larnsti again reformed the Hendreiki to bring in refugees from the Dragonkill as members of the tribe.  

King Andrin transformed the Hendreiki into the kingdom of Heortland. He replaced the clan chiefs with nobles, apportioned the kingdom into Marches ruled by barons and appointed four earls to oversee the barons. Henceforth these nobles would wield Hendreik's Freedom, and the king's successors would be found among them and not the Larnsti. The king then announced that sheriffs, schooled in Larnsti magics taught by Andrin would replace the clan chiefs. The Larnsti did not oppose these changes, yet with hindsight, the sheriffs were not fully-fledged Larnsti for they could only change the clans in one way - by adopting Malkioni ways. Nearly a century after Andrin's reforms, Hardard the Green, a member of the Larnsti Brotherhood, was proclaimed High King of the Hendreiki despite the Pharaoh recognizing Earl Swen Orlevsson as King of Heortland. The High King and his companions took up residence in the impregnable fortress of Whitewall to resist the Pharaoh and King Swen.  

Since Hardrand's Rebellion, the Larnsti have been a magical band of wanderers. The ancient Spirit of Hendreik has weakened and the protection formerly enjoyed by the Hendreiki is now almost gone. Following the death of High King Endreth in 1617 and the seizure of the throne of Heortland by the soulless mercenary Rikard the Tiger-Hearted, the Larnsti acclaimed on of their band, Broyan of the Volsaxi, as High King of the Hendreiki. From Whitewall, the Larnsti Brotherhood swore again to fight for the freedom of the Hendreiki so that they would never be conquered.  

Common Names: the Larnsti, the Spirit of Hendreik, Hendreiki Freedom. Form: Magical warband
Typical Homeland: Heortling
Cultural Context: Defenders of ancient freedoms and religious secret society.
Ideology: "We are unfettered in thought and soul and shall never be conquered. We shall protect our freedom or die fighting!" Look and Feel: [NEED SOME WORK]
Purpose: Protect the ancient freedoms of the Hendreiki from conquest. Headquarters: Whitewall.
Reactions: Loved by the common Hendreiki who pray for their success, the Larnsti Brotherhood has been outlawed by the Empire and hated by the Seshnegi mercenaries of Malkonwal. Disliked and distrusted by the local kings and eorls imposed by the Lunars.  

RESOURCES   Leader: King Broyan  

Renowned Members:???  

Membership: 25 permanent members  

Other Contacts: ???  


Hero Cult:
FREEDOM: (two feats)  

Orlanth subcult: Hendreik Adventurous or Hendreik All Father Virtues:

Secret: CHANGE  

Here are some thoughts about the cult of Hendreik the Free. I think Hendreik is worshipped as a hero AND as a subcult of Orlanth Allfather or Adventurous. I think he provides a new affinity: Free (with feats like Fight Restraints, Resist Subduer, etc). We can play around with the feats, but this gives the sort of idea I am going for. As a hero cult, he provides just the Free affinity (and a feat or two). With Adventurous he gives a Combat feat or two. With Allfather he gives some sort of Rule Kingdom (or lead Free Men) feat. Presumably his virtues include Free Willed and Confident or something like that, and his abilities include Heroic Escape and some other skills.

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