Re: Iceland LBQ confirmed.

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 11:20:14 -0000

> Wel, that gets us into the discussion of how many
> times one person can do the same HQ. And that, as we
> know, is a can of worms.
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> Jane Williams

Just a thought here on Heroquest's. Now I have to qualify my comment with saying that you lot have a great deal more experience than me, but I do not subscribe to the notion that a person can only do a quest once. I refer specifically to heavy earth in the rulebook. The new hero's are asked to complete it because the guys who did it before are all getting on a bit now or whatever!

Plus, Kallyr, it may appear, completed possibly a LBQ of some sort to bring spring to Sartar. She was succesful, but at what cost. I can't wait for next installment in the sartar rising series.

I suspect a limiter was put on HQ's for the simple reason to stop PC's going on the same quest over and over. The ramifications of HQ will usually affect whole communities and not just the HQ'er. Not something that bothers most players, although I suspect it would there characters. As such the benefit must be weighed against the disasterous possible outcomes. Kallyr for example seems to have had a very hard time on whatever LBQ it was, and the ramifications if she had failed are easy to imagine. Quite literally for the Heortlings, the end of the world as they know it.

This is all great stuff! I tell you what, it beats foraging around in basement and dungeons looking for gold. silver and gems to try and get healing 6!!! ;-)

My players are currently in Jonstown in early 1619, and when they wake up the next morning and find part of the Lunar invasion army camped outside before they journey to Whitewall should give them a bit of a shock. Epic stuff!

I'm at uni, so excuse the prolonged reply!


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