Re: Betrayal of Count Lukus

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Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 18:25:19 -0000

Imperial Lunar Handbook p.54
<<The Kingdom's four Sun Dome Temples are in a state of disarray because of religious schisms. The southern temples follow the Monro Doctrine, but the northern temples have resurrected the teachings of Daysenerus, the Mythic Sun worshipped in the First Age.>>

I think this is from Martin Laurie.

Orlanth is Dead! p.62
<<"My commander, Lord Bradangus, sends his promise of peace and help in destroying these Chaos priests. His word, given by the bright Sun, pledges friendship from him and his men on this battlefield, and alliance if you wish it.">>

I don't know I should assume this is a sort of coup de grace and shouldn't be taken seroiusly as breaking-off them from Lunars....   


> I don't have a good feel for Count Lukus. Let's assume Sun County
> founded in the 1560s and Monrogh was born circa 1520 (like
Tarkalor) and
> died at Grizzley Peak. Assuming that is correct and that Count
Lukus is
> around fifty, then he'd remember Monrogh from his youth.
> I have no idea how long Lukas has been count - since 1602? Since
> Since 1613? I'd prefer him to be from about 1607 - that way he
> have supported Harvar Ironfist, sent Yelmalions to the Hill of
> Victorious, and generally be a pro-Imperial mercenary.
> Jeff

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