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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 11:59:54 -0800

"Fast forward motion" and "Agile" aren't necessarily related (or unrelated).

"Ponderous" is how most people view the Bat - inexorable as a fully-laden supertanker, with the turning radius to match, but bats are incredibly agile, able to spin, turn on a dime, etc. The wings of the bat are used not only for propulsion and lift, but maneuvering as well (unlike birds, which use their tails a lot more for maneuvering). And hey, the bat can be "slow" and still be stupendously wierd - think of a 10-second barrel-roll, or the Zero-G moment as the bat reaches the top of a climb and heads for the deck!

I tried to find stop-motion photgraphs of bats in flight on the web, but came up dry.

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> Roderick said:
> >
> > It's a God. It doesn't (necessarily) obey the laws of Physics.
> >C'mon - the thing is the size of a small town and it FLIES! It
> >shouldn' even be able to move on its own. (cf all the discussions of
> >movies like "Them" that decry the physics of ants the size of
> >buicks). Why *can't* it be agile as well? If we're going to ignore
> >one physical law, might as well ignore more.
> Your point certainly is a valid one but I've always imagined it as
> being fairly slow. I think the Cults of Terror description refers to
> it moving no faster than a horse runs. Being unnaturally slow is
> kind of creepy too. Can you imagine how FAST something that big
> would be if it was as proportionally fast as a real bat? It'd
> probably fly Mach 2 or something!
> Oliver
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