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I agree - however, let's think of Whitewall as being the principle stead of the ******** clan - the royal Vingkotling clan of the Volsaxi. Assume that the ******** have a few steads in the Markdale with Whitewall as being the clan (and tribal center). Maybe half of Whitewall's permanent population belongs to the ******** clan and their retainers, maybe a third comes from other Volsaxi clans, and the rest are from the dependent tribes and foreigners.
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	Jeff said:

> Why would rich people be insulated from the poor at Whitewall?
> Bloodlines and clan affiliation is more important than wealth.
> Foreigners and strangers should be removed, not poor kinfolk
> they need to be close to their sheep, pigs, or whatever).
That's a good point but then why are there districts for the wealthy, thanes and the poor? Shouldn't the districts be more accurately dedicated to specific clans/bloodlines instead? Oliver 'Weni, Widi, Wiki.' I came, I saw, I added to the story. The WhiteWallWiki can be found at:                                    

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