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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 22:16:18 -0800

> that old?:-( ) I've based my perception of the Bat on how Cults of Terror
> described it in 1981:
> "The select rode upon The Bat itself; the rest, mostly initiates and
> prospective fodder, kept pace on the ground in a long caravan paralleling
> the flight of the creature. It flew no faster than a horse could walk,
> its enormous wings flapped at an awesomely slow rate; no non-magical beast
> could have so stayed aloft."
> I realize this doesn't mean The Bat can't be fast or agile. And that
> certainly would make for a Star Wars sort of assault. A fast Bat would be
> an even more awesome weapon than a slow one though so I don't think that's
> the case. Plus the slow, inexoriable approach of a slow-flying
> makes for some lovely tension too. That's the sort of Bat that I vote for
> anyway.

Well, if we're going to blow dust off hoary old tomes, 2nd ed. WBRM gives it a Movement Factor of 9; faster by half than any other unit in the Lunar army (all cavalry moves 6). That movement factor has carried through all other incarnations of the board game. I'd say that the description above is it's "traveling with the slowest member of the caravan" speed. But when it absolutely needs to be there overnight, it can turn up the juice and go much faster than a walking horse.

Look, I'm not saying that the Bat is Fast (though it is, or should be), I'm saying that it's Agile. It can fly closer to the ground than 1000 feet without cracking up. It can pull high-G turns. It can do a barrel roll. it can dive and pull up. It can do a loop (inside or outside), a wingover, or fly upsidedown if it needs to.

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- Richelieu

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