Re: New file uploaded to whitewall

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 14:09:41 -0000

"Matthew Cole" <matthew.cole_at_b...> wrote:
> Jörg:
>> Obviously, the map needs more intermediary height lines.

> - yep, I've been working on a way to do this automatically (using
> the blend function of CorelDraw and then adjusting it manually) but
> that's proving problematic.

> I think I exaggerated the vertical scale too much which gave rise
> (heh!) to:

>> "The valley to the east should be a gentler slope rather than a >> trough, for instance."

No, I really was addressing the shape. I had something V-shaped or rounded bottom in mind when I drew that.

>> "The plateau appears piddly viewed from the side. We might need to
>> enlarge it."

> - I think it would be useful to put the image of the buildings on
> the image because there is no point of reference for scale.

Yep. A flying Bat for scale might help, too... ;)

>> "detailed map the Tor"
> - I'd agree there!

Of course, first we must address the issue whether the city covers the entire Tor or only parts thereof.

> I think I can probably come up with a greyscale map of John's city
> outline and then use that to place a model on the Tor.

> Also, I think I will render the 3D image again but this time show it
> from the same direction as the pencil sketch.

That would be nice. Some more ravines and bridges rising to Sestarto's Leap and Tarkalor's Bridge, too?

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