Re: The BatBlat

From: pedrodevaca <pavis_gm_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 16:00:06 -0000

Roderick wrote:
> It doesn't have to pivot around its center - bats are extremely
> maneuverable, and can skim the surface without "bottoming out". So
> birds, and insects....

I think the main problem is size to speed ratio. A normal bat doesn't fly very fast but compared to its size, it is very quick thus it appears to us as being "darty" and extremely manuverable.

If I remember correctly, the Crimson Bat is very slow, flies at the same speed a horse runs (if I'm remembering this wrongly, then all of this is a pile of hooey). Something a kilometer long moving at 20mph will appear to the eye as being extremely slow and cumbersome and not very manuverable at all.

If the Crimson Bat is to have a "darty" and agile appearance I would think it needs to be able to fly at several hundred miles per hour.


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