Kallyr arrives, departs, etc.

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 20:34:48 -0000

A couple of thoughts on this.

First, I'm not sure why we're making such a big deal of "Kallyr arrives" in 1619. It isn't as if her being in Whitewall is a new idea. She's been using it as a base since 1613, on and off. In fact, the OiD entry for her activities in 1619 looks like this:

King Broyan besieged inside Whitewall.
Kallry returns to the Quivini tribes, continues her guerilla and commando activities
Winter: In Whitewall with King Broyan.

Dramatic entrance? She's treating the place as a hotel! Besieged? Oh, fine, you handle that, I'll just wander off for a bit, got things to do... Somehow I find this quite hard to believe!

  1. Early, middle: In Whitewall with Broyan Winter: Returns to the Quivini.
  2. among the Quivini when Whitewall falls.

OK, her departure at the start of winter *is* a bit odd. And a bit final.

Now, we had two theories as to why she left. And I don't think we'd really finished thinking them through.

The first, and easiest, was that she was handling the evacuation of non-combatants, a very suitably Vingan role (if you think of her primarily as a Vingan, which she isn't.)

The other was as part of that myth-reenactment that establishes Broyan as Vingkot. That involved "Orlanth" being outlawed from his stead by his "brothers", and later being summoned back by "Vingkot" doing a sacrifice. Yes, coming back! This is one bit we seem to have overlooked when we were considering the idea before. Unless we have more arrivals and departures than are listed in the current timetable, this whole sequence needs to be moved back to 1619. And the initial outlawing must have been very early in the siege. Then she comes back just in time for the Bat - and yes, what with sacrifices and all, this *would* be a big event. We had the right idea all along, we just didn't know why :)

Unfortunately, this doesn't give much time to build up all the plot that must have been involved in getting the right number of brotherrepresentatives  so annoyed with Kallyr that they kick her out of Whitewall :(

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