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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 01:54:10 GMT

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>True, but it looks to me as if Kallyr generally spends winter in Whitewall,
>not wandering around Dragon Pass (a bit chilly, impassable, etc, when you
>don't have a fixed home to go to.)

So for some reason she's invited to spend winter with the Quivini. Presumably there was someone at WW with sufficent authority among the tribe to get away with inviting her.

>> We still need a reason for her not returning
>> in the Spring though. Do we know what she was doing among the Quivini?
>Not specifically, no. As a general rule, it's been "guerilla and commando
>activities" and "fostering resistance".

Which does seem a bit inadequate for best part of a year away from the most important conflict. Although she wasn't necessarily with the Quivini all that time.

Just a wild thought - perhaps she was captured by the Lunars and they either didn't realise who she was or they referred the matter up the command line and she escaped before they decided what to do with her.

>> Another possibility is that she and Broyan intended to
>> re-enact the myth but ran out of time part way though leaving
>> Orlanth (Kallyr) outlawed and exiled from WW while Broyan
>> fails to properly identify with Vingkot.
>Hmm... Can't say I'm very keen on the idea, but it *does* fit.

True, it doesn't seem very heroic just running out of time. Perhaps the Lunars should interfere and delay or break the quest. By this time Tatius has a lot of magicians and there aren't many ideas for what they're all doing.

>I think we were considering a mundane-plane re-enactment, not going onto the
>HP, weren't we? Hence Kallyr really, in the mundane, leaving Whitewall?

Were we? I'm afraid I get lost with all the distinctions between practice quests, mundane plane re-enactments and the real thing. I tend to fudge them all together so a quester acting on the mundane plane in the same way as the myth requires on the Hero plane fits perfectly well. Probably not the best approach for GAG though.

Donald Oddy

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