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Is the Orlanth is outlawed myth really appropriate at WW? We know Orlanth manifests there - I doubt getting rid of Kallyr would be sufficient to get rid of WW's association wth Orlanth.


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> I don't buy this either. Maybe Broyan and Kallyr argued? I can
> well imagine friction between 'High King' and destined to be King
> Kallyr. The way OiD paints Kallyr I can imagine a few 'Kots balls!'
> being directed at her by Broyan.

Except that one of the thngs we agreed right back at the start of this was that Broyan and Kallyr don't have any major disagreements. I know, everyone expects them to be competing all the time: that's one reason why we decided that they don't. It's too obvious. Kallyr has no desire to rule anywhere except Sartar: there's no conflict of interest between them. Disagreements on methods, maybe, but not over leadership. Short-term temper tantrums, yes. (And the way we've been painting the characters, personally I'd rather be on the receiving end of a tantrum from Kallyr than one from Broyan. Less likely to be lethal.)

But, if we use the "Orlanth gets outlawed" myth, then there will be some *apparent* conflict, won't there? Not between her and Broyan, even now, but between "Orlanth" and his "brothers". We'd need to find a mundane representative for each "brother", and work out some arguments. Which I think is going to make for some fun plots, if we can just sort out the dating so that it all works.

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