Siege engines

From: Steve Honey <drfegg_at_...>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 18:19:39 -0000

Hmm...medieval you say.
Maybe in the real world. OK the Romans didn't use them but that is down to the way they fought and moved around. And I don't think they had the incentive to build such wall flateners. The technology was there but maybe not the materials. However if we are not happy with trebuchet what about mangols or onagers? The Sun Domers have the Harpoon in Prax so the idea of a big throwy thing is in peoples minds. I can't understand why no one has thought about scaling up an arbalest. If strength of materials is a problem then thats why we have enchantments (or is that too RQ3). If the destrucion, chaining of Orlanth is such a biggy then the Lunars will throw everything at Whitewall.

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