Re: siege engines

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 12:33:44 -0700

> Hmm...
> Lobbing great stones UP is a poor move so the height of the Tor will be a
> massive factor agreed. However if anyone is interested in working on this
I can
> get hold of a program which works as a simulator for trebuchet, onager etc
so I
> can work out maximum heights of trajectory etc. Remember rocks are not the
> only things hurled over walls. Dung, dead animals, dead Oranthi, stone
jars of
> gorp...

The problem is, that the defenders have the ability to not only make sure it never reaches the wall, but to send it back where it came from...

> As for the focused light beams this had been tried by Aristotle (I

Archimedes, at the siege of Syracuse, with a mirror. Cluedo!

> and by someone like Discovery Channel using polished bronze or copper
> If my distorted memory is correct they did manage to cause a small row
> to smolder so it is possible.
> Silver would be better as it's more reflective (infact it's the most
> reflective metal bar none) and the old runic assossiation.

Gold for Sun magics. Refined gold has 2x effect on Light magic. I was thinking that the crystals "store up" sunlight, then release it in one terifying blast of laser-like energy. Then the whole process has to start all over. Probably not more that a few shots a day in the climate around WW. Back in the nice sunny Empire, these would be more useful, recharging (relatively) quickly, so you might get a couple shots an hour.

> However as pointed out YOU try getting a cloudless sky with a bunch of
> followers just up the road...
> Unless you used moonlight...

The struggle over the clouds is probably a big one - Solar priests praying to clear the skies while Storm godi chant to call clouds. I would tend to give a marginal edge to the Stormies in this fight, but not an overwhelmiong one (the Solars can call on Community support "back home", but the Stormies are right there and don't have to worry quite so much about hierachy and coordination, so might be quicker to respond to shifts in the battle). Moonlight, of course, is just as affected by clouds as sunlight :-).

I didn't say that these would be terribly *useful* at the siege! I figure a lot of re-thinking has to go on in the Lunar camp to deal with unexpected (but not unforeseeable, to those with the wit to look for them, like say, Junior Officer Player Heroes) problems of dealing with Stormies.

Ramps seem to play a big part in the Lunar's siege plans - Runegate (ramps of corpses), Boldhome (magical ramps), Whitewall (The Seven of Vistur). Knocking down walls just doesn't seem to fit their modus operandi.

It is by my order and for the good of the state that the bearer of this has done what he has done.
- Richelieu

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