RE: Re: Kallyr arrives, departs, etc.

From: donald_at_...
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 15:48:30 GMT

In message <000601c42062$86ad3a80$0302a8c0_at_master> "Jane Williams" writes:

>> There will be a leadership vacuum in this period:
>Yeah! Fun!
>> ... and several other contenders will rise to prominence
>> and who we really should detail.
>Invent whoever we find the plot requires. I doubt if we'll end up
>hort of NPCs.

>> and a little known adventurer leader.
>No need to detail this one, it's a PC.

Only if we're writing for Orlanthi PCs, I thought we were trying to make it usable from both sides. If so we need to at least outline any character essential to a plot even if we indicate that some are suitable for the narrator to replace with PCs.

Donald Oddy

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