Re: Re: Ramps and getting over walls

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Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 20:17:54 GMT

In message <c5gokh+so8v_at_...> "jorganos" writes:
>>> Jorkandros goes for a full assault (using Shargashi
>>> shock troops) in our plans, doesn't he?
>> Yes. Opens up a magical gateway from Hell into the
>> basement, and introduces about 200 unexpected
>> Shargashi.
>Where and how do the rest of his troops attack, or was this during the
>Bat approach?

I've been taking it as the "first major assault" in the timeline, rather than during the BatBlat. The rest of his troops are attacking Tarkalor's gate - he hasn't got enough troops for more than a concentrated assault and he dithers about committing his best troops because he's doubtful that the plan will work. I think it's actually pretty close with Lunars on top of Tarkalor's gate at times and the defenders wondering why their leaders haven't brought up the reserves (Jane's Humatki, who are just a little busy at the time).

Donald Oddy

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