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John - all of this sounds right to me. Broyan is not Westernized or Aeolian, he's a straightforward Heortling polytheist. And a very powerful king with much more authority than other tribal kings.

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Skimming aimlessly through Thunder Rebels (as one does) I came across a Broyan tidbit that seems to have previously escaped us. If its been discussed and I missed it, then mud-grovelling apologies. On page 6, its noted that Broyan worships 'all three subcults of Vingkot".

That by my reckoning, would be Vingkot Champion (Anti-Uz, Movement), Vingkot High King (Rule Kingdom [inc. Find Compromise!], Allfather,) and Vingkot Victorious (Fight DH, Storm).

We know from OID that Broyan worships Orlanth's most powerful son as a diety in his own right.

This would indicate to me that Broyan is a (heroically-tempered) straight Heortling polytheist, and not of the western persuasion. I'm hardly an expert though - does this sound right to folk?

V. High King has a special High King's Ring feat. It also has 'Intimidate Subodinate', which will be useful for Broyan, but will make the leadership vacuum after his mindblasting in the BatBlat even more interesting.

V Victorious has a Reaching Storm feat - makes you wonder where Little A first learned it.

The entire Vingkot kingship thingee suggests that the Volsaxi have pretty powerful kings by Heortling standards - real clout, real power, almost certainly king for life barring big boo-boos, and even hereditary or restricted bloodline election - all in contrast to the seven years, challenged at any time, ability-alone election, limited-power Heorling norm.



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