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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 12:45:17 -0700

 Howdy -
> Love the character, but I'm not sure how he fits into Orlanthi
> Organised crime is a consequence of a society's moral values being
> out of step with criminal law. Since the Orlanthi have no concept of
> criminal law it follows that his dubious activities wouldn't be
> and in consequence won't generate the premium price need to make him
> Mr Big.
> Similarly it's unlikely anyone he rips off will bother going to law.
> He has no family to support him so his victim will just get a bunch
> of mates together and beat compensation out of him. If he complains
> to Broyan he'll need a lot of well connected friends to get anywhere
> with the legal action.

This was my thoughts on the Whitewall "underground" as well. Unless somebody is a member of a Volsaxi clan or under the personal protection of someone important, they better not take actions that would justify someone to simply kill them.  

I think there is a understandable misunderstanding regarding how Heortling fort-settlements like Whitewall function. They aren't impersonal cities - they are basically overgrown villages. The Volsaxi have mechanisms for resolving disputes within and between Volsaxi clans. Outsiders need to be under someone's protection - in most cases, probably the king's protection. This means that if someone kills a foreigner, they have violated the king's hospitality and the king has a claim against them (which he can demand payment for - or vengeance). So you don't kill foreigners that are in Whitewall.  

However, if a foreigner-guest starts ripping Volsaxi (or other foreigner-guests), they run the risk that their victims will (1) complain to the king (who may remove his protection); (2) kill the criminal and say that it was justified (although they will probably have to pay Broyan something); or (3) complain to the king and then kill them.  

> Move him into the Lunar Camp with army regulations making all sorts
> things illegal and conflicting moral values, and he'll make a fortune
> as long as he bribes the right people.



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