Re: a tearful wedding

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 06:41:00 -0000

Chris wrote:

> I've always been facinated by the middle eastern
> notion that a man has an obligation to marry his
> widowed sister-in-law. So, maybe Roganvarth's brother
> dies in the same event or near the same time. And
> maybe Rana has a bunch of kids. And maybe Roganvarth
> comes from a clan that everyone else thinks is
> particularly backwards, so think him really
> old-fashioned to feel bound to marry the
> sister-in-law...

Oh boy, yes! This could be one of those backward/inbred 'Triaty' arrangements, from "King of Sartar" p.254 etc. That would fit the Volsaxi/Vingkotling retro feel (i.e. rejectionist uber-Orlanthi hillbillies) to a 'T'.

The interest of the clans (in keeping a marriage alliance intact) overrides any "selfish" interest of the individuals ("but we're not in love...").

Chris, I *love* this suggestion. (And BTW, I would *hate* to be in a triaty with a clan of Helerings. Nothing personal, you understand...)

Cheers, Nick

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