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From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:05:46 +0100

> Before we put too much effort into further Storm/Wind
> analysis, this is one of the areas Jeff and I have been
> discussing with Steve Martin in case of clashes with Greg's
> ideas or plans. It was all a bit difficult to understand for
> Bears of Little Brain like me, so I'm not trying to summarise
> the conclusions before breakfast, or at least coffee (don't
> ask why I'm hitting email this early).
> Jeff, do you want a go? Or shall I, once I've woken up a bit?


> Why don't you start because I only have my Blackberry with me.

OK. I've had breakfast and got a coffee. Is everyone sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...
(and ccing Steve so he can correct my mistakes)

To start with, we need to look at what the various groupings of Winds/Storms etc. actually are, because I at least had got this wrong, or confused.

The Four Storms: I can't now find the specific post, but these are Orlanth's sword, shield, etc: his personal guard, if you like. Steve points out that if Orlanth is going to be Dead, these guys had damn well better be dead first!

The Six Storms, as we'd thought, are directional guardians. North-west, and so on. Or rather, they're not even as specific as directions: it's more like "he who stands on my left" and so on.

The Seventh of these is, as we'd guessed, Orlanth himself.

And the Six Winds are a Kolat secret, which at this point in time no Orlanthi would know how to use, and it's suggested even a Kolati wouldn't have much idea about. Leave them alone, is the suggestion. For more reasons than I've given here, but leave them alone.

Having stated what the "positions" are, who fills them?

It seems that this is pretty variable. Yes, there are defined lists (lots of them!), but if you're trying to do a ritual, you pick the best fit depending on your resources and requirements. If a list says "Valind", you probably look for a substiture, frex (Vinga would be good).

Those Six Storms: here life gets a little bit complicated, because, as someone had found a quote to suggest, they have already been defeated. That is, the *posts* have been defeated. It doesn't matter which god had which position at the time of defeat, the god is still around, but magic associated with that post in the Six is already gone. So you could pick Humakt as your Below guardian, and you'd find that Humakt's magic works fine, but the Below concept doesn't. Yes, Broyan and co could have attempted to set up the Camp, and they would have been most upset with the results.

Linked in with that: forget Kallyr's Companions. Since it's linked in with the Six directional guardians, any attempt by her or anyone else to set up a Camp at this stage wouldn't have worked. And looking through the names, we're pretty sure that list is from much later in any case, probably post-Dragonrise.

For our purposes, where what we want is a Great Big Hurricane, myths picked to fit special effects, the Four Storms are suggested, followed by Orlanth himself. By all means start off with a Defender Storm if we like, bearing in mind that it's intended for an entirely different purpose so won't be very effective. Then the Four (pick which four you feel like). Then Orlanth himself arrives. Forget the Six Storms unless you want to give Broyan & co a morale knock. Forget the Six Winds, period.

While this weakens our Hurricane scene a little, I think the Dead Sea Rising adds enough that we still have a very dramatic scene to film.

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