Re: Publishing thought

From: Mark Galeotti <mark_at_...>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 23:19:38 -0000

Heavens, this is an extraordinarily creative but also productive group -- I only have the time to dip in every now and then and usually gibber at seeing how much reading I'd have to do to catch up and run away!

Just a few comments on the publishing idea, with both Issaries Aacquisition Editor and UW hats on.

  1. Offer it to Issaries. There's great stuff here, and it would be very nice to see it become the basis of an official product. That said, let me just make one very blunt point, in order to forestall future ill-will: once you hand it over, you are accepting that II will do with the ms. what it will. There may be minor rewrites, or there may be complete and dramatic changes, in order to fit Greg's vision, the needs of future books and just to fit with what II wants to do with it. This is the option, obviously, which will help II the most, but do understand that it gives you no control over the process after submission.
  2. Offer it to an independent publisher, such as UW or the Chaos Soc. A balance -- generally independents will work with the authors much more closely and obviously they cover the cost of printing, etc.
  3. Publish it yourself. This gives you the most control of all. A net-based product is obviously the cheapest but will have least market impact -- people want books and we are still a long way away from a print-on-demand, etc, market. Everyone on this list is, by definition, net-happy, but be aware that the *majority* of the market still is not. Alternatively, print it yourself, but this may cost you a couple of thousand dollars plus, depending on size, quality, print run, etc. But it does mean that you can produce the book you want, and if you wish can contribute any profit you may make to II.

Just a few thoughts for the collective. Feel free to bounce back at me on anything, but be aware that I don't read this list regularly. I do pop by every now and then, and if I see any posts wih 'publishing' or the like in the title I will make sure I look at them.

All the best


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