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Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 08:07:12 EDT

Yep, as Donald stated interaction between PC's and the 3/4 clans (or fraction thereof) is important to give PC's some "emotional" reason to do anything be it help people out of WW rescue who ever, etc.

However I'm struggling with the reluctance to have Clan Rings. In King of Satar it states "A clan ranges in size between 500 and 2000 people...with decision making centred in the clan ring..." ok so we have only part of a clan in each district so we only have the core group of 7 which would have been the inner ring and do away with the Clan ring of 20-30 members. This inner ring (and again this is from KoS) "The Clan Council is responsible for maintaining justice among its members. It is also responsible for negotiating with people who are outside the clan in such matters as justice, trade, war and obtaining wives for marriage." To ignore this part of Orlanthi culture is short changing people.

Traditionally the inner ring members are chosen by the Chieftain from the outer ring, or in the case of WW the outer ring would be almost all clan members at WW. Using KoS again as reference we find there are 3 council patterns, Traditional, Lightbringer and Local ("Where the land is poor and the people are few...") with districts such as Shambleshur and Guilderinn adopting a "Local" variant, Dalewatch and Bullshur a "Traditional" ring and T'anerow and Whiteledge adopting a "Lightbringer" format. (Although the occupations of Dalewatch fit closer with that of the Traditional council than Guilderinn all it takes is to swop names around.) It does not matter that there is only a fraction of a clan at WW the members of that clan will revert to type and form the best approximation of what they are used to.

We must remember that there are fragments of several clans in WW neither of which want to see decisions made by another clan but there own. In the UK there is deep seated resentment of some of the Laws forced on us from the EU, I can't see any difference between that and the clan at T'anerow telling someone in Bullshur how to run things. Apart from the swords!

However Bryon's War ring should have a member elected from the "community" of WW as the Ginna Jar aspect or face rebellion specially during the siege. An idea I have is a group giving chase to kill a disgruntled member of the WW "community" going to the Lunar who has "sensitive" information. Why not start the PC's before the siege? Gives people time to join clans and develop ties (even get married...).

I hope this goes someway to explain what is in my head on this subject and sorry it was so long!


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