Re: What Sartar looks like

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_...>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 08:16:53 -0700 (PDT)


> Greg and I have talked about how I think
> that the hills around Tilden Regional Park
> (east of Berkeley, California) starting
> at about the base elevation of the
> Leavenworth valley in central Washington
> State would not look out of place in Sartar.
> Gets us nice cold winters and warm
> summers. The Leavenworth valley is a rich
> farming area, surrounded by high mountains
> (I was driving back from Leavenworth to
> Seattle on New Year's Day and got caught in
> a blizzard). The hills around Tilden
> Regional Park are steep, but support lots
> of cattle and sheep.

I used to rid my motorcycle through Tilden all the time because it was perfect riding terrain: roads that were either very curvy to stay on the same level or very steep to stay straightish, mixed together in rapid succession. And if your front wheel washes out, you either run up the side of an embankment or end 100+ feet lower than you were a few seconds ago (which is what I came within 2 feet of doing). Great imagery -- you can come around a turn and have your view momentarily osbcured by trees, then break open into a view of a valley a mile across that seems impossible to reach by land, then turn another corner and have your view only limited by the horizon and weather.

That said, Tilden is very dry compared to my view of Sartar -- the winds there must come up the California central valley, which is pretty dry. Not many springs or other water sources either. The grass all browns off by midsummer or so and stays that way through winter. I had envisioned Sartar pretty much staying greener longer. So, perhaps wetter as well as higher up?

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