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Ian - according to my Dawn Age maps, Whitewall is in the general vicinity of Seriasdova. I don't think that there is a problem putting Garan at whitewall. Jansholm is near the southern edge of Garanvuli land. Garan was a "sky captain" as that phrase is used by the Orlanthi not the Dara Happans. My notes have him as a grandson of Orlanth who followed vingkot (or some other war aspect of Orlanth) into the sky to fight the Sky Tribe. He took his own star (sort of like settling on the Sky Dome) and enjoyed a peaceful existence until he received his lover's prayers and sacrifices. He descended from the Sky to protect light and protection to her people.

Btw I think the "Orvantes" tribe is just Third Age confusion, stemming from the fact that Greg, Steve and I kept screwing up our spelling of Orgorvaltes. They don't appear in any of the First Age materials.

My notes have Garan

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Hi John,

Any more details here Ian?

I'd like to use Garan in my Tentacles scenario. Sources or ideas?

>What 'little light' does the lighthouse here
represent? Who is the little light? My vote is for Garan the 'star lover of Serias'. Could this be from whence Garan shone >in the darkness? Kallyr might work well with Garan with the star-lover associations.

Jane's objections to any Garan-Kallyr association noted (though I didn't mean to imply a Garan-Kallyr association, more that there could be an echo of that relationship in Garan and Serias).

From the DP:LoT glossary

Garanvuli: One of the Star Tribes of the Vingkotlings. The tribe lived in the lands around the Syphon River

and a slightly longer version of an entry in the glossary (lost in page count cuts):

Star Tribes: Janard "Lastralgor" and Jorganos the Archer were among the Winter Sons and founded the Lastralgortelli and the Jorganostelli who lived along the Oslir River. After Vingkot's death at Stormfall these tribes were shattered and broken, and their survivors joined the Star Tribes. Liorn the Young, husband of Deleen Kodigsdottir, founded the Liornvuli, the "Island Tribe," from the remnants of the Lastralgortelli, who lived along the Oslir. The Stravuli, founded by Stravul the Lean from the remnants of the Jorganostelli, lived around the Upper Oslir, the Dragonspine, and Grizzly Peak. The Orvantes lived south of the Orgorvaltes, around modern Volsaxiland and the Stormwalk Mountains. Garan the star lover of Serias founded the Garanvuli Tribe, centered at Iliabervor, in the lands around the Syphon River.

Jansholm and Jan Ironclad are also connected to the Garavuli in DP:LoT

IIRC most of the survivors at the dawn had the protection of some light during the darkness. Elmal, shining atop Kero Fin, was a big one for the people of Kerofinela, but we know that there were also 'little lights' who protected people locally. What we know suggests to me that the 'Star Tribes' were protected by 'Star Captains'. Garan explicitly seems to have been a Star Captain - Stravul and Liorn may or may not have been.

Now my proposition was that the little lights would need a place to shine from, as Elmal shone from Kero Fin.

Now Garan might be a little far south, and may have shone at Iliabervor (or Seriasdora), so the star here could be someone else (Orvant perhaps), but I think its possile that Garan shone from here, even though his lover's tribe was further south. But nothing hard and fast here, just toying with ideas.

Ian Cooper


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