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Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 11:07:18 EDT

Hi All,
I enjoy making my player group suppress years of cultural prejudice and I'm toying with linking thread from the scrape at Moonbroth. The sources mention a contingent of Broo turning up and siding against the Lunars.

At the extreme end of my thoughts I've got Illuminated Orlanthi Wind-Broo...I know very extreme but what about something exotic? I might use it in our game as I quite like the idea of cultural enemy #1 making the last stand while the rest scurry away to fight another day. Ironic that the last stronghold of Orlanth was defended at the last by such an "enemy". I just like it.

I know just the thought of Illuminated Orlanthi Wind-Broo will have people throwing up their hands in horror but its just a thought (I know just) which may kick off something in someone else's mind who might have eaten spicy pizza at 2.00am and dreams odd things.
Can't wait for the hate mail!!!

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