I'm back...

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 19:49:14 -0000

Never noticed I'd been gone, did you? A week in Ireland. Picking up ideas, among other things. I'll try to post some pics later when Ive got sorted, but here's some ideas for now.

Broyan and that chariot. I've investigated a few Iron Age ring forts, and yes, you could drive a chariot round the top of one of their walls. If you were good. Perhaps more usefully, my guided tour round Tara made it clear that to be High King of Ireland, you had to be very good at driving a chariot. First problem, you approach Tara in your chariot, there are two standing stones in the entrance, blocking your path. If you're the rightful High King, they move aside for you. If not.... (thump). Secondly, there's a stone called the Lia Fail, which apparently makes loud noises to greet the rightful king. Some say it does this when he stands on it, others that he drives his chariot so close to it that the iron rim (or hubcap ?) scrapes the stone, and this is what makes the noise. It sounds to me as if the walls of Whitewall are indeed wide enough to drive a chariot around, provided that you really are the High King. And are, or have, a very good charioteer.

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