Re: Steers

From: Sam Elliot <sam.elliot1_at_...>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 16:38:24 -0000

Okay, I admit it, I know next-to-nothing about cows of any of the genders and most of my contact with agriculture in general has not been in English - I could tell you what a steer is in Portuguese. So, sorry if I made you wince, Chris. My suggestion was an Uroxi (& Uraldan) warband pitching up with a large herd, perhaps via the hero plane or whatever, and serving the cows up as food for the bat, and doing all the rest that Uroxi do. But, if it doesn't work for the Whitewall you're making, fine.
p.s. I've a feeling we don't use the word steer much in the UK, that we just poleax 'em young and make cat food or human food. keeping them alive is more for extensive farming. Or is it just pigignorance  on my part? (That last question is not for Chris).

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