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Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 10:05:20 EDT

Glad to see the list has slowed some what. Glad to see thoughts on AFTER the Bat.
Just to throw some ideas in.

Hostages: I'm assuming that the woods will be the main negotiating/exchange site. Anyone got any thoughts? In my game I'm toying with Uroxi spoiling such things wanting to kill off the Lunar hostages either before or after the exchange. Get the PC's to try and stop it from happening so non-combatants can get away? Lunars and Orlanthi meeting up in FULL ON regalia and lies like you have never heard (Oh Broyan, he's fine never better! The Lunar 201st Heavy Sorcerous Brigade are on their way with the Chaos Legion etc.)

Huraya and the Scarf of Mist: Still not sure about how this could work. My original thought was to use her to provide cover to escapees.

Walktapi: After reading a book on ancient WMD and developments in my game in Prax (Muriah and the Ogres in Shadows on the Boarderlands) I was thinking about using these beauties! RoneGarth will not be the same after One Walktapus + One Mincer = Lots of Trouble. Not sure if this is practical/in the spirit of HW.

Kallyr and the Ten Heroes of Old: I mentioned about Tarkalor spiritualy turning up to crack heads and John replied about the Ten Heros. Any thoughts?

I like chickens!

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