Posted some Miniatures Pics in the Pictures section

From: Simon Miller <simon.miller_at_...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 00:01:25 -0000

These are my interpretations of some Lunar units drawn from an army I'm currently painting, that I mentioned I'd post last week. I've stuck to posting troop types that might feasibly have been at Whitewall.

I'm hoping to model a fairly large Lunar army on a 1:50 figure scale for the Hordes of the Things rules, based on the sketchy accounts of the earlier siege of Runegate Fort.

For those of a miniatures bent, the "Dara Happan" figures are from Irregular Miniatures, and the bulk of the rest are Foundry; there's a conversion from a 1985 Citadel Mage and some Eureka cultists there too. The slingers are lightly converted from Renegade Britons (led by a grizzled Foundry Lunar officer; my very favourite figure).

Please feel free to delete photos if the space is needed; I should have them up on another website fairly soon.



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