RE: A bit more fiction

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 00:21:51 +0100

> > I was thinking more of the slight expansion of two
> followers. The way
> > they get on so well together. And the demo of what that -14 augment
> > looks and sounds like.


> Heck, we never did anything more with those characters
> anyway, so expanding them into something more than a stat
> block is all to the good.

Exploring Ernaldesta and expanding Elusu next. Offir is still a blank as yet, though we know a bit about his family and at least one of his obsessions.

If you're happy to consult, I'd like some off-list discussion of the 1602-1604 period, as it's about to be very relevant.

> Yes, it's really
> hardly more than a jumped-up squad, but that's why it's
> guarding some little piss-ant town out in the boondocks where
> nothing happens. If you continue the story (please do! I'd be
> happy to consult if you'd like), we might find out *why* it's
> barely more than a dozen guys. ..

> These *are* the new recruits?

Well, one at least was recruited in Pavis, we know that much. I believe Donald had ideas, which I hope he'll explain himself, concerning a century that's supposed to be DH peltasts and is now mainly Heortlings of various sorts none of whom speak more than a few words of New Pelorian. They're about as "Lunar" as those baboons :)

> A recruiting "Century" out to get new recruits from the local populace?

This is a possibility that we're starting to explore, mainly as a tax dodge.

> > It still looks to me as if my two main view-point Lunars are PCs. I
> > can almost see them rolling dice, in places.
> Put in a dice (Knucklebones, coin flipping) game :-).

We already have a game of backgammon. I was thinking I could hear their *players* rolling dice and swearing at the results. Talin's player got one incredibly good roll and everything else has been lousy :(

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