RE: The Watchful House of Saint Gaspodi - an alternate origin

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Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 22:50:06 GMT

In message <7434365B6A44284B854296835B89C6E71100D2_at_...> "Jeff Richard" writes:
>Oliver -
> > "The origins of the Watchful House at Whitewall date back to the
> > First Age. After the defeat of Gbaji and his Dark Empire the Chapter
> > House returned to the West and the Vaulted Hall fell into disuse.
> > Recently (sometime before the Lunar assault) a group of Western
> > knights rode up to Whitewall and claimed ownership of the Vaulted
> > Hall. They showed the Volsaxi king and his advisors their proof of
> > ownership and even more convincing was the greeting the Vaulted Hall
> > itself gave them. When questioned about their presence after all
> > these centuries they asserted that Gbaji was about to experience a
> > resurgence and they had come to help thwart this."
> > What do you think?
>This certainly could work if you want a pre-1621 St. Caspodi reliquary.
>Makes a lot more sense.

Well I like it, gives a real reason for Malkioni to be on both sides at WW. Ideas of ancient disputes raising their heads even by implication always make good fun.

Donald Oddy

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