Re: Re: The Watchful House of Saint Gaspodi

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 09:54:13 -0700

> Not a single bit, really - we have no idea whether the ramps remain on the
> walls, how much of the architecture got
> smashed/etched/burned/thunderbolted, and whether anyone except for a small
> garrison force in the keep returned. After all, when Whitewall was taken,
> it grew dramatically cold...

Well, we do know that there are seven areas of devestation - one of which is (was) the Orlanth temple (from the seven meteors which started the assault). Also "rocks which hurled themselves from the ramparts", so the parts of the walls which were opposite the ramps will have bits missing.

I usually tend to think of it becoming a "city of the dead", where no-one in their right mind would go. The magical "fallout" there is probably something hideous... Especially when you consider that there is fragments of moonrock there (those seven meteors...) so you could have lots of lunes spontaneously manifesting... Plus there's the mystery of "where did the defenders go" - all in all, I don't think people will consider it a save haven. Of course, with fiimbulwinter, you can weigh the choices of "freeze out here in the open", or "stay in the haunted ruins"...

I notice that the fall of Boldhome didn't have the same level of magic used - no meteors, no magical ramps (no disappearing defenders).

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