UN inspectors, the multi-national force

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 07:45:36 +0100

> First of all many thanks to Jane for organising this and
> everyone who turned up to listen to her, Nick and I expounding ideas.

And ta to John for the pretty pictures, Chris Jones for providing the PC when he wasn't even at the panel, and Nick for doing the techno-wizardry

> So the following came to mind - Tatius's objective is to kill
> or bind Orlanth. He plans on doing so by magically forcing
> the souls of the defenders to act as a cage. Unfortunately by
> the time the ritual occurs there are no defenders left..
> So why aren't there any defenders?
> because Fereshori Rastillia caught onto this plan and helped
> Kallyr get all the non-combatants out of WW allowing the
> combatants to retreat without the dishonour of abandoning the
> vunerable.

I like this idea. Not only do we have factions within the Lunars and factions within the Orlanthi, all conspiring against each other, it gives us another faction that's a Lunar/Orlanthi mix.

But, I don't see Fereshori Rastillia and Kallyr getting together for a cup of tea, lovely picture though it is. Yes, there's cooperation, but on the Lunar side at least the leadership is anonymous. Even the Lunars agents (PCs) helping won't know who on their side is really behind it. At least, that's the plan! Unless of course PC agents on Tatius' side find out. Or PC agents on F.R.'s side find out and get careless. Or Orlanthi find out (yes, they do have spies in the camp), and for some reason let the information get loose.

So the PCs who are helping get the non-combatants out don't just have to guard these people against Lunar ambushes. That would be too easy. They have to figure out why some Lunar ambushes turn their backs and start whistling when they approach, and why it's only some of them that do this, and which ones, and WTF is going on. And as soon as they report back, they're co-opted into the Orlanthi intelligence service.

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