Re: Whitewall Panel at Continuum

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 14:00:21 -0000

> >Or are you planning a coup. A bit like the captain of a ship, you
> >it is going to be a court martial.
> Except that it was Jorkandros who was in charge at the time - if
> gets court-martialled it will be him. Tatius may have arranged for
> bat to go to WW but losing it was nothing to do with him.
> --
> Donald Oddy

Maybe it was all part of an elaborate Tatius plot to gain command. Its not entirely unlikely that he would have expected the Orlanthi to teleport/ fly to the back of the bat. From what I understand Broyan had been mindblasted. Maybe when the High Priest of the Bat saw that his troops/ The Bat gaining the ascendancy he activated the Bat Banish Mechanism!???


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