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Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 20:11:55 GMT

In message <000201c47405$016b1530$0302a8c0_at_master> "Jane Williams" writes:

>> Maybe it was all part of an elaborate Tatius plot to gain command.
>That's *cunning*. I can't say I'm convinced (yet), but it's cunning. And
>some Lunar (Jokandros?) may even believe it.

I think Jorkandros believes Tatius was showing him up by sending the Bat. On the lines of "Here's how to do the job properly". So his first thought was "That'll show him" followed by "Oh shit! this is going to be blamed on me".

>> saw that his troops/ The Bat gaining the ascendancy he activated the
>> Bat Banish Mechanism!???
>Tatius would have to be a *very* fast thinker for this.
>The plan to let the Orlanthi keep not quite losing came up as a means of
>killing Orlanth. Which only became possible once Orlanth appeared in
>person at Whitewall. Which was at the *end* of the Bat-Blat.
>Tatius had five minutes max to recognise what had happened (deity locked
>in right here), decide on an overall strategy, and communicate it to the
>chief Bat-priest. That's assuming he was even there to witness events.

So far we've been working on the basis that he's not present. The problem with him being there is that he outranks Jorkandros so would have been in charge.

Donald Oddy

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