RE: Orlanthi gates

From: donald_at_...
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 01:35:58 GMT

>I was wondering how runes might be depicted on wooden gates. If runes were
>carved directly into the wood this might weaken the gates; perhaps runes
>might be depicted by the use of flat-headed nails hammered into the gates,
>possibly in rune metals appropriate to the rune depicted.

You can do a noticeable depth of carving without weakening a plank several inches thick especially if you then colour the design. Metal decorations are certainly another possibility.

>As for runes, these might be protective, or might possibly be runes
>associated with the King that ordered the gate constructed?

Certainly the former and quite possibly the latter although care would need to be taken - you wouldn't want a movement rune on a castle gate.

>I would imagine there would be a massive timber beam on the inside to lock
>the gate into place, also probably magical. And somewhere near the main
>gate, a sally port.

Donald Oddy

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