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From: Matthew Cole <matthew.cole_at_...>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 16:40:54 +0100

I feel that if you put the movement magic on the inside of the gates then it would be easi-open(tm) for those wishing to open from within. Maybe some kind of stasis magic on the outside. I do also feel that this is being a little simplistic and not nearly exciting enough. We know that 'say friend and enter' has been done; maybe enemies of Orlanth / the Storm Tribe cannot open the gates at all? (then a reason for why this is could be written) Things like this give more scope for inclusion in people's stories. Its not supposed to be Fort Knox but there are even stories of *that* being broken into.
I just don't think that technology is the answer - even magical mechanism (magic instead of cogs etc) or the usual cop-out of 'dwarfs made it'.

Just one man's opinion.

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If it's a multi-ton gate that can be opened by the push of one finger, I think that's *exactly* what you'd want.
That or very accurate counter-balances. And this is Glorantha, so given the choice of mechanics or magic, which way do we go?

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