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Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 21:17:35 GMT

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>> care
>> would need to be taken - you wouldn't want a
>> movement rune on a castle gate.
>If it's a multi-ton gate that can be opened by the
>push of one finger, I think that's *exactly* what
>you'd want.

You really want the Lunar army to be able to walk up to the gates of WW, put a finger on a rune, maybe perform a minor ritual and the gates open?

Even if they have to sneak someone inside because the rune is on the inside of the gate?

>That or very accurate counter-balances.

Counter-balances are usually quite easy to disable or jam.

>And this is
>Glorantha, so given the choice of mechanics or magic,
>which way do we go?

The equivelent of disabling a counter-balance is to remove the rune which I would suggest has been done at WW. It'll be minor magic to restore after the siege.

Donald Oddy

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