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Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 23:55:43 GMT

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>Donald wrote:
>> The problem is that only YT cultists have the magic required to
>> effectively command troops from more then one tradition. That,
>> after all, is why the vexillae and fereshori exist. So higher
>> ranking officers will also need this magic unless they are in the
>> position of only commanding troops from their own tradition.
>Maybe you're saying that a more workable model would be to require all
>officers in the Lunar Army to be worshippers of Yanafal Tarnils, with
>each regiment having at least one Yanafali devotee (what we used to
>call a "Rune Lord") among its commanding officers?

I don't see any need for all Lunar officers to be YT, just that progression beyond regimental command becomes nearly impossible without it. Within a Yelmic phalanx it doesn't matter if you think cavalry are only useful as scouts but if placed in charge of a mixed force it would.

So there's subtle pressure on officers to join YT and a lot do. It's from those that the Fereshori are chosen - I imagine there's some sort of training course on the different traditions and how to use soldiers trained in them before they're actually given a vexilla.

So your kethuda can choose to progress to centurion and then karmanak within the Carmenian tradition or can join YT and with the right combination of ability, influence and luck be appointed fereshori. Initially with a small vexilla, but as he gains experience he gets bigger vexilla and more difficult tasks.

Eventually he will be in line for appointments such as warlord and whatever we eventually call the intermediate rank.

>(Sorry to bang on, but I *loved* that old lightbulb :-)

Is that the one about how many lunars does it take to change a lightbulb?

I'm afraid I've forgotten the punchline.

Donald Oddy

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